Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Thinking Box: A Networking Event

On March 14, 2016 we hosted a networking event as an opportunity for Reggio Inspired Educators to get together and reflect, learn, and build relationships.

The focus was on the article titled "Less is More (or 5 Reasons to Slow Down)" by Lisa Burman. We used a thinking box approach to guide our conversations about the article.

Participants gathered in groups and chose several questions from the thinking box. These questions guided our discussion.

Samples of children's work with clay were shared to demonstrate the skill that children bring forth when given the opportunity of time.  Another interesting aspect of slowing down that emerged through discussion was that of community.  When the Italians were here they noted that children worked together at a table creating sculptures but there was no communication amongst them.  During the work with the clay images seen here the teachers made a point of asking children if they noticed what others at the table were creating.  The resulting figures were amazing as children began to collaborate with each other and listening to each other's ideas. So inspiring for teachers and children alike.

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