Wednesday, 25 January 2017

November Networking: Robertson Early Enrichment Program

Way back in November we had the honour of hosting a networking evening at the stunning SSCY's Robertson Early Enrichment Program.

We began the night by hearing from Pat Furman, who has been the Executive Director of the Robertson Early Enrichment Program from it's beginning. She shared about how the program came to be and the logistics of running a centre of this size and caliber. 

We also heard from Alana Chernecki who was responsible for the design of the space. It was heartwarming to see how much thought and care went into each and every choice, always keeping the child at the centre. If you have questions for Alana or just want to check out more of her work, please visit her website at *

“Our mission is to provide and promote a high quality program to all children, families, educators and the community, taking into account the unique individual needs of the children.” - Robertson EEP

Finally we heard from Ohla Zablotski who is the pedagogical leader at the centre. She explained her role and the considerations that go into setting out invitations for the children. 

We were then welcomed to tour the space. It was beautifully set out as if waiting for the children to arrive. Everywhere you looked there were thoughtfully curated invitations for learning.

Thanks again to Robertson Early Enrichment Program for hosting such an inspiring event.

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